Are You Constantly Chasing Chaos?

Have you ever felt like you were constantly chasing after storms? Who intentionally chases a storm other than a storm-chaser? You have seen the news reports or documentaries that show meteorologists or storm lovers in their vehicles speeding behind a tornado or flying over a hurricane. And you have thought to yourself... They must be … Continue reading Are You Constantly Chasing Chaos?

Being Thankful in the Process

Life will cause us to experience natural storms that will temporarily inconvenience us. Then there are the every day storms that interrupt our days in the form of difficult obstacles, unhealthy stress and broken relationships. What do you do when a storm uproots your life sending a tornado of chaos into your day? Recently, storms … Continue reading Being Thankful in the Process

How to Handle Depression as a Christian

If you were asked right now on the scale of 1-10 with 10 representing extreme depression or sadness, what would your honest response be? Your answer would be contingent on a number of factors. For instance, the kind of day you are having. Whether or not you are in the middle of a crisis. And … Continue reading How to Handle Depression as a Christian

God is Always Working His Plan

During my devotional time this morning I was reading out of the book of Proverbs as I seldom do. It is a book filled with wisdom that we can apply in our every day lives and in every aspect. But are we always listening when wisdom is speaking? Sometimes we can be so full of … Continue reading God is Always Working His Plan

Have You Ever Lost It?

Keys,  cell phone, wallet... At some point or another, we have all either lost these items or miss placed them. And other than the temporary inconvenience we got over it and pretty soon it was categorized as another "don't cry over spilled milk" accident. But what happens when you temporarily lose control of things like … Continue reading Have You Ever Lost It?

Filling the Void During Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is just two days away! Right now, you are probably taking a quick break from cyber shopping, running errands and getting ready to stampede the next store on your list. It is exciting buying things for those you love or even those less fortunate. This is the adrenaline … Continue reading Filling the Void During Christmas

Solid Faith On Shaky Ground

Solid Faith, On Shaky Ground I can imagine that churches all over America were filled on yesterday. Then again, there could have been a downhill shift in attendance. Why? The same answer can be given for both scenarios.  When crises hit it either causes one to hold on tighter to their beliefs or to question … Continue reading Solid Faith On Shaky Ground

Another Stressful Monday

Another Monday. Beginning of another work week. It took nearly every ounce of energy you had to force yourself to get dress, drive to work and walk into your office building. Before you could get a cup of motivational coffee, sit at your desk and log into your computer you are asked about a report … Continue reading Another Stressful Monday

A Child’s Biggest Fear

Your heart is racing because you’re…. EXCITED ANXIOUS NERVOUS. You have waited all summer long for this day to come: The day you move up your social ranking latter. This advancement means you will be picked more for activities, ridiculed less by students in upper grades and accepted more by class peers. That is IF … Continue reading A Child’s Biggest Fear