Ever Feel Like Your Life is a Mess?

One of my favorite quotes is from the movie,  Forrest Gump "Life is like a box of chocolates." Why? Because if you have a variety of options, as you do in life, you truly never know what you are going to get. Chocolate lovers have different taste preferences. What might taste scrumptious to one might … Continue reading Ever Feel Like Your Life is a Mess?

Learn How to Recognize Distractions

We are often advised or reminded how important it is to block out distractions. But before these diversions can be blocked, they must first be recognized. Most people do not realize when they are being distracted until after they are faced with the consequence of not paying attention. And what are the things that daily … Continue reading Learn How to Recognize Distractions

Controlling Anxiety When Tragedy Strikes

How do you view unpleasant events when you are having a not so good day? A ‘bad’ day can happen to anyone right? Or do tragic things only occur in the lives of certain people? You might think or feel as though only bad things happen to you or that you are some how destined … Continue reading Controlling Anxiety When Tragedy Strikes

Including God in Your Kids Schedule

If you are a parent; single, married or divorced, you know just how challenging it can be to juggle schedules. Getting your day off to a good and positive start can make the difference between keeping your sanity or losing it! Recently, I heard two messages reminding me and others how important it is to … Continue reading Including God in Your Kids Schedule

Renew Your Mind Daily

Yesterday I shared how our thoughts can dictate our mood and how you can “Think Yourself Happy”. But the thing about life is it happens. It doesn’t take a vacation and decide to occasionally change our course. No, life happens every day. This means every day we either receive disappointing news, overdue bills, risk car … Continue reading Renew Your Mind Daily

3 Ways to Train Your Teen To Manage Stress

You don’t have to be a mental health professional in order to train your teenager how to maintain his or her mental health. Parents are the most important teachers. In fact, training a teen how to have a healthy mind starts when they are toddlers and even infants! Understanding that not every baby is born … Continue reading 3 Ways to Train Your Teen To Manage Stress

Mind Minus BODY!

Mind, Body & Soul… We are familiar with the term, right? But honestly, how many of us actually work to balance these core elements of our lives? I CONFESS:  I’m guilty! As a Healthy Minds Coach and Ambassador, I recently had to face a hard truth about myself. I have been actively advocating about the … Continue reading Mind Minus BODY!


Have you ever experienced a day that you were unsure how to start it? You were certain that within it lies much work to do. Many tasks to complete.  Elephant size projects. As you tried to focus in on one thing at a time in hopes to gain a starting point, you ended up being … Continue reading THIS DAY!

Balance Before You Break

  Hooray! It’s the beginning of another work week. The last day of another month. So, how are you feeling right now?  Excited?  Full of energy? Ready to conquer the world? Or perhaps you are a bit… Anxious, overwhelmed and haven’t a clue how you are going to complete one assignment or project out of … Continue reading Balance Before You Break

Do You Have A Life Line?

This past weekend a lot of lines stopped working. The winter storms hit the regions and caused power outages, little to no phone reception and stranded vehicles. Meteorologists have declared it a historic storm. It interrupted millions of lives and caused many to be disconnected from every day basic necessities or what our society has … Continue reading Do You Have A Life Line?