Spring Cleaning Your Mind

Spring time is here! As so many others, you too have probably already scheduled your spring cleaning that includes storing your winter clothes and unpacking your spring wardrobe, making an appointment with your yard man and of course house cleaning. Why is spring cleaning in these areas so necessary? Well, first you want to dress … Continue reading Spring Cleaning Your Mind

There is a Time to Love and Hate

Life events can shift us into an emotional storm, causing us to feel the anxiety of the aftermath. It is when anger hits like a tornado, tears fall like scattered showers, outrage drowns like a hurricane and mental shock has the same effects as a bolt of lightning touching the brain. Are these emotions normal? … Continue reading There is a Time to Love and Hate

Preparing for Change

When we are in transition between the four seasons, we are queued to prepare for the change by nature’s signals:  The scenery of the trees and tune of the birds change, days are altered by the sun and the moon, and the weather and temperatures cause us to change our wardrobes. Have you noticed something … Continue reading Preparing for Change