Why Am I Sad on a Spring Day?

Spring is here! It is a nice, cool and sunny day. Then why are you feeling anything but sunshine?  Why do you feel the darkness of the blues? Do you recall how long you have been feeling this way? You may or may not remember.  Sometimes feelings like this have a way of sneaking up … Continue reading Why Am I Sad on a Spring Day?

Think Yourself Happy

We have all experienced sad moments in life.  Some were caused by an event or external factor. But what about those that are caused by internal factors? You know the ones that seem unexplainable and indescribable.  The ones that have us wrestling with ourselves. God does want us to be happy. He has given us … Continue reading Think Yourself Happy

Preparing for Change

When we are in transition between the four seasons, we are queued to prepare for the change by nature’s signals:  The scenery of the trees and tune of the birds change, days are altered by the sun and the moon, and the weather and temperatures cause us to change our wardrobes. Have you noticed something … Continue reading Preparing for Change

Challenges of Graduates in Waiting

Kindergartens.  Elementary students. Junior High students. High students.  Undergraduates.  Graduate students. During this month, many have been rewarded for their years of matriculation by receiving a promotion, certificate or degree. Graduations are such inspirational and motivational events. No matter the age or level, every academic milestone is worth celebrating. Young or seasoned there is always … Continue reading Challenges of Graduates in Waiting

S.A.D. in the Spring

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday I published a blog post entitled, "Spring Mood Changes". Now in case you missed it, I have summed it up in a video published on my YouTube channel.  Be encouraged and empowered! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8DMImTY2KY

Spring Mood Changes

Do you see the change? Can you smell the change? Can you hear the change? Yes, it’s a new season! This is the first week of Spring!! Excited? If you can’t respond due to sneezing from all the pollen in the air, I feel you. This too shall pass. But other then the allergy blues, … Continue reading Spring Mood Changes

Punching a Hole in Your Holiday!

Right about now, you might be imagining a scene from “Karate Kid”… OR You could be visualizing one of your worst nightmares coming true: A failed holiday dinner or party that you were in charge of hosting. Well, this blog post sort of deals with both scenarios. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Do you … Continue reading Punching a Hole in Your Holiday!