Don’t Allow Others to Dismiss Your Pain

Abuse, grief, loss and suffering are all puzzle pieces to life’s pain. We all experience these emotional elements at some point in our lives. But too often the expected response from others is not always the one that is received. Think about the last time you found yourself hurting. What was the response you received … Continue reading Don’t Allow Others to Dismiss Your Pain

When You Don’t Understand

It's Monday. The day of the week when people usually have a lot to talk about. So....let's talk! As expected in my locale of Memphis, there was a lot of local news to get everybody talking. And depending upon your location you probably had plenty of unpleasant news broadcasted as well. Regardless of you current … Continue reading When You Don’t Understand

Celebrate Your Worst Days

Yes, this is a bit of a late post on a Saturday. But Memphis has been having some of that stay in bed all day type of weather. But I have a serious question to ask on such a relaxing day. Do you recall the worst day of your life?  Do you remember what you … Continue reading Celebrate Your Worst Days