A Smile Can Change a Mood

What is your current mood? Is it determined by the weather you are presently surrounded by?  Is it determined by how your day was started? Perhaps misplaced keys,  a discouraging email, traffic jam or a bad cup of coffee (or even worse, none at all) has placed you in a 'bad' mood. This could be … Continue reading A Smile Can Change a Mood

If Only Someone Notices

Last week, one of my students’ right arm was temporarily disabled due to an injury. This caused his dominant hand to be inoperative. I noticed how his peers were eager to assist him with note taking, toting any bags or books and making sure his basic accommodations were met. Because of someone acknowledging that the … Continue reading If Only Someone Notices

How To Conquer Negative Thoughts

Within the short time you read the title of this blog post and up to this point, you have already allowed a negative thought to enter you mind. No condemnation here. It is a part of being human. Have you ever thought about how much you focus on negativity? Let’s examine it. • Today is … Continue reading How To Conquer Negative Thoughts