Are You Ready to Commit Your Mind?

Now before you continue reading, this post is not about you committing yourself into an institution. That is unless you think you need too... But do you recall what was the first thing on your mind when you awaken this morning? What about the first thing you did or said? I have heard several successful … Continue reading Are You Ready to Commit Your Mind?

A Worthy Journey

March is here and Spring is near! Did you also know today is Ash Wednesday?  As Christian believers, this begins the period known as Lenten season. In summary, it is the period that we journey the walk with Christ as He journeyed to the Cross. This is a great period of reflection, release, and restoration. … Continue reading A Worthy Journey

When Hope is Absent

Happy Super Tuesday! If you are feeling like hope is absent today in your life, check out my latest video post and be encouraged!   Now, is hope present or absent for you?  Let me 'hear' from you below!