Focus on YOUR Progress

Have you ever gotten depressed because it seemed as though you weren’t making any progress?  You know that urge of discouragement that occurs when it appears that every step you take moves you three steps backwards? You start to critique yourself based on the progress of others. You become doubtful in your own abilities. One … Continue reading Focus on YOUR Progress

Let Your Mind Receive Peace Today

I have experienced sleepless nights and not wanting morning to come because I was afraid of going through the motions of the day. So I can relate to those hat are always over anxious and constantly worrying about

Soulful Sessions with Ambassador Shulanda

Now that you have started your ‘Hump Day’ are you already thinking about What’s for lunch?  So am I! And I have a possible solution. With Thanksgiving around the corner, you might be thinking of different soul food dishes that either you or the top chef in your family will be making. Can’t you just … Continue reading Soulful Sessions with Ambassador Shulanda

Don’t Allow Fear to Paralyze Your Future

Many Americans feel as though this Monday is extremely different than  a week ago.  Last Monday, you might have been starting your work week with challenges, but you didn’t feel as overwhelmed. You felt as if there was hope.  As though you had something to look forward to in your future. That things indeed for … Continue reading Don’t Allow Fear to Paralyze Your Future

When Hope is Absent

Happy Super Tuesday! If you are feeling like hope is absent today in your life, check out my latest video post and be encouraged!   Now, is hope present or absent for you?  Let me 'hear' from you below!

Your Faith Matters!

Happy Tuesday! Did you catch my post on "What's Faith Got To Do With It?"  Be sure to check it out. In the meantime, here is a video to compliment my recent post. If you have dealt with mood disorders or experienced down times and criticized for not having enough faith, then watch my clip … Continue reading Your Faith Matters!

Help in a Lowly Place

“The LORD preserveth the simple: I was brought low, and he helped me.” Psalm 116:6 KJV Help in a Lowly Place: In the various areas in which I work, it causes me to be a part of different networks and associations. This has been beneficial when I am seeking a particular person, service or product … Continue reading Help in a Lowly Place