In Spite of Challenges; Life is Still Worth Thanksgiving

Right now, I’m sitting in my bedroom probably doing the total opposite of about 75% of most Americans; then again, maybe not. I don’t smell the aroma of the traditional turkey, ham, dressing, mac and cheese, sweet potato pie baking from my kitchen. However, the smell of turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese grits and biscuits … Continue reading In Spite of Challenges; Life is Still Worth Thanksgiving

Being Thankful After Thanksgiving

Congratulations! You survived preparing a great Thanksgiving meal, entertaining wonderful and even wacky loved ones, and the madness of Black Friday which has now become 'Black Thursday'. And the hoopla continues today on Cyber Monday. If you are like me, you graciously resisted the in-store shopping and peacefully surfed for online deals. By the way, … Continue reading Being Thankful After Thanksgiving

Moving Forward Monday

It’s that Monday again….

Ministering to Minds

Right now, you might be still struggling to accept the reality that it is another Monday.

You are either trying to push your way out of bed to get your day started OR you have already begun your work day routine, sipping on your coffee for energy and looking around your office for motivation.

You are at Work.

You need to be at Work.

You don’t want to be at Work.

Do these thoughts sound familiar?   Maybe you are just having the typical Monday Blues or perhaps it is something else.

When was the last time you felt excited about starting your day?  When was the last time you felt that you were working towards something meaningful and purposeful? When was the last time you were enthusiastic about going to your job?

Now, this isn’t a motivational post to get you to stop working. But this…

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Filling the Void During Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is just two days away! Right now, you are probably taking a quick break from cyber shopping, running errands and getting ready to stampede the next store on your list. It is exciting buying things for those you love or even those less fortunate. This is the adrenaline … Continue reading Filling the Void During Christmas

Permission to Grieve During the Holidays

Your phone rings for the sixth time in the past hour. Four voice messages. Ten new texts. After clearing your notifications, you roll back over in bed and pull the covers to your neck. “If only I could just lie here all day and ignore the entire world”, you say out loud in an empty … Continue reading Permission to Grieve During the Holidays

Punching a Hole in Your Holiday!

Right about now, you might be imagining a scene from “Karate Kid”… OR You could be visualizing one of your worst nightmares coming true: A failed holiday dinner or party that you were in charge of hosting. Well, this blog post sort of deals with both scenarios. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Do you … Continue reading Punching a Hole in Your Holiday!