STOP Giving Your Mind Permission!

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How To Conquer Negative Thoughts

Within the short time you read the title of this blog post and up to this point, you have already allowed a negative thought to enter you mind. No condemnation here. It is a part of being human. Have you ever thought about how much you focus on negativity? Let’s examine it. • Today is … Continue reading How To Conquer Negative Thoughts

Facing Anxiety

“Anxiety and worry are both attacks on the mind intended to distract us from serving the Lord. The enemy also uses both of these torments to press our faith down, so it cannot rise up and help us live in victory” (Joyce Myer, Battlefield of the Mind). Imagine that you have been out of work … Continue reading Facing Anxiety

Balancing BUSY

“Another condition of the mind that is abnormal is for it to be wandering all over the place. An inability to concentrate indicates mental attack from the devil.”  Joyce Meyer, Battlefield of the Mind) CONFESSION I know, you are probably similar to me and after reading the title of this blog thought, “Oh, this isn’t … Continue reading Balancing BUSY

Breaking Free

“On November 23rd, Kristoff St. John and I lost our beautiful son, Julian St. John. Our son was the light of our lives, an artist with a beautiful mind and spirit. He fought long and hard against an illness for which there is no cure…Unfortunately the pain became too great for him and I dare … Continue reading Breaking Free