Choosing to Celebrate Life

Today is a special Monday for me. And after the weekend that I was blessed to experience, I am hopeful that it is also an endearing day for others in my family. Today, March 6, my brother Marchello would have been 35 years old. This year marks the 20-year of his anniversary death. It was … Continue reading Choosing to Celebrate Life

Memoirs about Mental Health

Happy Thursday! I hope you all have been having a great year and definitely a great week. As for me, honestly, I have been feeling a bit stagnate. You know how we set our yearly goals and have grand expectations? You might be thinking, it is only the beginning of the second month. This is … Continue reading Memoirs about Mental Health

Filling the Void During Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is just two days away! Right now, you are probably taking a quick break from cyber shopping, running errands and getting ready to stampede the next store on your list. It is exciting buying things for those you love or even those less fortunate. This is the adrenaline … Continue reading Filling the Void During Christmas

Boy Killed by Beast!

I had decided that I wouldn’t give in to the pressing urge to comment on the social media posts, viral articles or engage in the conversations that have been happening over the past few days.  The death of silver-back gorilla, the ‘Handsome Harambe’. My heart has been overwhelmed every since I heard of this tragic … Continue reading Boy Killed by Beast!

Permission to Grieve During the Holidays

Your phone rings for the sixth time in the past hour. Four voice messages. Ten new texts. After clearing your notifications, you roll back over in bed and pull the covers to your neck. “If only I could just lie here all day and ignore the entire world”, you say out loud in an empty … Continue reading Permission to Grieve During the Holidays

Another Stressful Monday

Another Monday. Beginning of another work week. It took nearly every ounce of energy you had to force yourself to get dress, drive to work and walk into your office building. Before you could get a cup of motivational coffee, sit at your desk and log into your computer you are asked about a report … Continue reading Another Stressful Monday