Marrying Boaz Can Help Your Mental Health

Since it's the weekend, I thought I would lightened things up a bit. Well...kinda sorta of. Any time you talk about marriage and mental health it can lead to an intense discussion. Don't worry...this quick post isn't that deep! But you might be wondering what marriage has to do with maintaining your mental health and … Continue reading Marrying Boaz Can Help Your Mental Health

Relax, Relate and Read

You have been looking forward to the weekend and for June to make its arrival. This means that summer is officially around the corner! What do you have planned? I sure do hope that relaxation is intentionally on your agenda. I don't know about you, but this past Memorial Day I did not leave the … Continue reading Relax, Relate and Read

There’s a Blessing in Your Darkest Hour

Have you ever felt like you were experiencing the eve of your breaking point? You know that moment in life when it seems that your day has reached midnight and it doesn’t feel as though you will ever see the light again. In this moment, you could be experiencing one of the most difficult life … Continue reading There’s a Blessing in Your Darkest Hour

Is Your Faith a Barrier?

Have you ever had something or someone who believed in to be a barrier or stumbling block to you moving forward in life? Positive people and things can be a hindrance to your growth if not utilized appropriately. But of course this doesn't apply to your faith, right? Check out my video clip below.