Eliminating Strife in Relationships

Today kicks off the traditional “Love” month. Although this particular love is celebrated in our relationships with our spouses or significant others, love is meant to be flowing in all our healthy relationships. This includes: Our family ties... Our friend ships ... Our church bonds... Our work connections... It is expected that some of these … Continue reading Eliminating Strife in Relationships

Restoring Relationships God’s Way

All relationships take a momentous amount of work; whether it is a relationship with our spouses, children, parents, siblings, friends or coworkers. These connections are blessings and can affect how we thrive in our lives. They can also become so mentally and emotional draining that they sap the energy or life out of us.  Then … Continue reading Restoring Relationships God’s Way

You Can Break Free from Your Past Pains

It’s a process!  Breaking free from the things that have haunted you for years, the people who have hurt you through betrayal or rejection and the disappointments that have discouraged you to live are all a part of a process. How long is the process?  That is entirely up to you. Memories are resurfaced by … Continue reading You Can Break Free from Your Past Pains

Remember God in Tragedy

Happy Friday! If you are among the many Americans whose children start Spring break this weekend then not only are you thinking of things to do this weekend, but for an entire week! You might already have the kids' schedules planned, but have you penciled in "me time"? I know...you are probably thinking that you … Continue reading Remember God in Tragedy

Let Your Story Motivate Someone Today

Happy Motivational Monday! Yesterday, while watching one of my favorite televangelist, Joyce Meyer, I received confirmation and encouragement through her testimony. If you  have every had the opportunity to view her show or hear her in person then you know she truly gives real and authentic illustrations. And as expected, this particular segment was no … Continue reading Let Your Story Motivate Someone Today

GOD Can Handle a Curse

“It may be that the LORD will see my distress and repay me with good for the cursing I am receiving today” (2 Samuel 16:12, NIV). GOD Can Handle a Curse:  Have you ever experienced a season of affliction so much that it caused you to be in a state of doubt, distress and even … Continue reading GOD Can Handle a Curse

The Day After Mother’s Day

Many holidays are overrated, but… Mother’s Day is not one of them.  In fact, I would argue that it is not valued to the extent it is marketed. Sure, every store is selling a product to remind you at least three weeks in advance that the day set aside to recognize all mothers is vastly … Continue reading The Day After Mother’s Day

Facing Up to Failure

**May is Mental Health Awareness Month** May 1, 2016 Sunday School Commentary Lesson Guide, FAITH Series Facing Up to Failure Devotional Reading: Jeremiah 23:33-24:6 Highlighted Text –  Luke 17:1-10 Key Verse -  “So watch yourselves. If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him (Luke 17:3, NIV). When I first read the … Continue reading Facing Up to Failure

Reaching Towards Forgiveness

THE RECALL - Shulanda Hastings - 8/14/13 REACHing towards forgiveness requires action. It’s great if both parties participate, but in order for healing to take place it only requires the willingness of the injured party. Like you, I could choose from a list of people that I have had to forgive. While I’m being honest, … Continue reading Reaching Towards Forgiveness

How to Get Away with Murder

BEFORE you start reading this post, I should probably give you a disclaimer: This is an extensive blog post. The content of this blog post does not literally support the blog post’s title.  Now, if you watched the sitcom, "How To Get Away With Murder" by Shonda Rhimes this season, then I am at least … Continue reading How to Get Away with Murder