Controlling Anxiety When Tragedy Strikes

How do you view unpleasant events when you are having a not so good day? A ‘bad’ day can happen to anyone right? Or do tragic things only occur in the lives of certain people? You might think or feel as though only bad things happen to you or that you are some how destined … Continue reading Controlling Anxiety When Tragedy Strikes

Accessing Peace While Dealing with Anxiety

Let me guess, you woke up this morning eager and ready to get your day started, right? Or…. Perhaps you dreaded getting up out of your bed after experiencing a restless night. Was it because of the long and exhausting day you had or because of the day that you are anticipating? What has you … Continue reading Accessing Peace While Dealing with Anxiety

Don’t Allow Fear to Paralyze Your Future

Many Americans feel as though this Monday is extremely different than  a week ago.  Last Monday, you might have been starting your work week with challenges, but you didn’t feel as overwhelmed. You felt as if there was hope.  As though you had something to look forward to in your future. That things indeed for … Continue reading Don’t Allow Fear to Paralyze Your Future

When Your Heart’s Not in the Game

The biggest day in American football or any American sport for that matter, is now over. Did your team win or lose? Were you a faithful watcher up until the very end? I wasn’t. After the historic and epic half time show, I pretty much tuned out to the movie channels. Now, I appreciate the … Continue reading When Your Heart’s Not in the Game

Another Stressful Monday

Another Monday. Beginning of another work week. It took nearly every ounce of energy you had to force yourself to get dress, drive to work and walk into your office building. Before you could get a cup of motivational coffee, sit at your desk and log into your computer you are asked about a report … Continue reading Another Stressful Monday

Hello Fear!

What’s on you mind right now? Are you thinking positive or negative about those thoughts? You might even be dreading this day because you don’t want to face the situations awaiting you. I have a suggestion: Why don’t you embrace FEAR. Yes. I said embrace it. Gospel artist, Kirk Franklin, has a song that does … Continue reading Hello Fear!

A Mother’s Plight

My love is your love and my love is your love….sing Mommy! I know I’m not the only one that recalls hearing that little sweet voice in the background that made her first ‘recording’. She, Bobbi Kristina, was so proud to be standing beside her legendary mother and indeed, Whitney Houston was a proud mother. … Continue reading A Mother’s Plight

Freedom Friday, Liberating My Mind From Stigma

“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man” (William Shakespeare). Right now, it is 4:14 a.m. Today, kicks off a three day national holiday weekend. Depending upon who you ask, it is the holiday we Americans celebrate our Independence … Continue reading Freedom Friday, Liberating My Mind From Stigma