Have you ever experienced a day that you were unsure how to start it? You were certain that within it lies much work to do. Many tasks to complete.  Elephant size projects. As you tried to focus in on one thing at a time in hopes to gain a starting point, you ended up being … Continue reading THIS DAY!

S.A.D. in the Spring

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday I published a blog post entitled, "Spring Mood Changes". Now in case you missed it, I have summed it up in a video published on my YouTube channel.  Be encouraged and empowered!

Spring Mood Changes

Do you see the change? Can you smell the change? Can you hear the change? Yes, it’s a new season! This is the first week of Spring!! Excited? If you can’t respond due to sneezing from all the pollen in the air, I feel you. This too shall pass. But other then the allergy blues, … Continue reading Spring Mood Changes

STOP Giving Your Mind Permission!

Happy Tuesday! How is your day going?  Good or not so good? Well be encouraged by my latest video tip! For more inspiration, visit my personal website at OR  for  One on One coaching,  email to schedule your complimentary session!

Heal Your Heart

It is the Eve of Valentine's Day. What are you doing right now, this very moment? Are you pampering yourself.... Getting all dazzled up for that romantic evening? OR Are you lounging around the house in your robe or night clothes with a bowl of popcorn watching LMN? You have glanced at your cell phone … Continue reading Heal Your Heart

Do You Have A Life Line?

This past weekend a lot of lines stopped working. The winter storms hit the regions and caused power outages, little to no phone reception and stranded vehicles. Meteorologists have declared it a historic storm. It interrupted millions of lives and caused many to be disconnected from every day basic necessities or what our society has … Continue reading Do You Have A Life Line?

What’s Your Expected End?

Right now, this very moment you may be internalizing all of your regrets, replaying every tragic scene and rekindling every negative flame that burned your emotions. You are stagnate. You are stuck in your past and can not visualize or have the desire to hope for a positive future.