Are You Suffering from Burnout?

Right now, you could be anxious about your final exams and analyzing the consequences of not receiving the grade you desire and need. This very moment you could be seeking a momentary escape away from managing the schedules of teenagers and the demands of a toddler and newborn. You could be surfing the Internet trying … Continue reading Are You Suffering from Burnout?

Balance Before You Break

  Hooray! It’s the beginning of another work week. The last day of another month. So, how are you feeling right now?  Excited?  Full of energy? Ready to conquer the world? Or perhaps you are a bit… Anxious, overwhelmed and haven’t a clue how you are going to complete one assignment or project out of … Continue reading Balance Before You Break

Leading Ladies Have Needs Too!

It’s Saturday morning. Blizzards and snow storms have hit the southern and eastern states. Mother nature has interrupted your weekend routine, holding you hostage from accomplishing outdoor errands. You have probably already done every possible in house chore or planning to do so. You are planning ahead either on paper or in your mind how … Continue reading Leading Ladies Have Needs Too!

Balancing BUSY

“Another condition of the mind that is abnormal is for it to be wandering all over the place. An inability to concentrate indicates mental attack from the devil.”  Joyce Meyer, Battlefield of the Mind) CONFESSION I know, you are probably similar to me and after reading the title of this blog thought, “Oh, this isn’t … Continue reading Balancing BUSY