Solid Faith On Shaky Ground

Solid Faith, On Shaky Ground I can imagine that churches all over America were filled on yesterday. Then again, there could have been a downhill shift in attendance. Why? The same answer can be given for both scenarios.  When crises hit it either causes one to hold on tighter to their beliefs or to question … Continue reading Solid Faith On Shaky Ground

Thought Management

We can agree, that the past couple of weeks have been chaotic. Right? Our country, our nation has been at a state of unrest and in distress. And for a great reason. Emotions have been bottled up inside of us like a raging storm awaiting calmness. How do we obtain calmness in such utter chaos … Continue reading Thought Management


Have you ever experienced a day that you were unsure how to start it? You were certain that within it lies much work to do. Many tasks to complete.  Elephant size projects. As you tried to focus in on one thing at a time in hopes to gain a starting point, you ended up being … Continue reading THIS DAY!

Balance Before You Break

  Hooray! It’s the beginning of another work week. The last day of another month. So, how are you feeling right now?  Excited?  Full of energy? Ready to conquer the world? Or perhaps you are a bit… Anxious, overwhelmed and haven’t a clue how you are going to complete one assignment or project out of … Continue reading Balance Before You Break

When Your Heart’s Not in the Game

The biggest day in American football or any American sport for that matter, is now over. Did your team win or lose? Were you a faithful watcher up until the very end? I wasn’t. After the historic and epic half time show, I pretty much tuned out to the movie channels. Now, I appreciate the … Continue reading When Your Heart’s Not in the Game

After the Altar Call

I know what it feels like to be holding on to Faith while Fear is pulling you down. I know what it feels like to call on Friends out of desperation and they start acting like Foes. But somewhere in between disappointment and despair, you manage to give your mind permission to think about a promise.

Another Stressful Monday

Another Monday. Beginning of another work week. It took nearly every ounce of energy you had to force yourself to get dress, drive to work and walk into your office building. Before you could get a cup of motivational coffee, sit at your desk and log into your computer you are asked about a report … Continue reading Another Stressful Monday

Facing Anxiety

“Anxiety and worry are both attacks on the mind intended to distract us from serving the Lord. The enemy also uses both of these torments to press our faith down, so it cannot rise up and help us live in victory” (Joyce Myer, Battlefield of the Mind). Imagine that you have been out of work … Continue reading Facing Anxiety