On the Other Side of Support

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed help? That is an understatement, right? You might be thinking; I could use some help right now.  And that’s okay. We all need help at some point or another in life. It is the kind of help we need that varies. Life is full of … Continue reading On the Other Side of Support

Celebrate Your Worst Days

Yes, this is a bit of a late post on a Saturday. But Memphis has been having some of that stay in bed all day type of weather. But I have a serious question to ask on such a relaxing day. Do you recall the worst day of your life?  Do you remember what you … Continue reading Celebrate Your Worst Days

Thinking Clearly

April 17, 2016 Sunday School Commentary Lesson Guide, FAITH Series Thinking Clearly Devotional Reading: Philippians 2:1-11  Highlighted Text –  Luke 8:26-36 Key Verse -  “They went out to see what was done; and came to Jesus, and found the man, out of whom the devils were departed, sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed, and … Continue reading Thinking Clearly

Balance Before You Break

  Hooray! It’s the beginning of another work week. The last day of another month. So, how are you feeling right now?  Excited?  Full of energy? Ready to conquer the world? Or perhaps you are a bit… Anxious, overwhelmed and haven’t a clue how you are going to complete one assignment or project out of … Continue reading Balance Before You Break

Heal Your Heart

It is the Eve of Valentine's Day. What are you doing right now, this very moment? Are you pampering yourself.... Getting all dazzled up for that romantic evening? OR Are you lounging around the house in your robe or night clothes with a bowl of popcorn watching LMN? You have glanced at your cell phone … Continue reading Heal Your Heart

The Sacrifice of Loving

Ladies and my Gents, Valentine's Day is vastly approaching.  Are you working towards having that loving and healthy relationship?  Be encouraged by my brief video, The Sacrifice of Loving! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFYqXvsajrU   Want more? Check out my devotional message featured in today's S.O.A.P. Love Book by Chantea Williams entitled, "Elkanah and Hannah".

Do You Remember Your First Love?

Happy Tuesday, Everyone! As we jump start this "Love" month, do you recall who your first love was? Don't think too hard...click below and enjoy the 5 minute video to help you remember! https://youtu.be/nwy6cLEWpj0

“I do” OR “I don’t”?

February has now arrived. Many have anticipated it. Some are overwhelmed that it is here. Why? After all, February is full of love, right? Grade school kids will be passing the traditional notes. Middle school students will be waiting to be asked to the dance. Teenagers will be going on their first date. Grown women … Continue reading “I do” OR “I don’t”?

Leading Ladies Have Needs Too!

It’s Saturday morning. Blizzards and snow storms have hit the southern and eastern states. Mother nature has interrupted your weekend routine, holding you hostage from accomplishing outdoor errands. You have probably already done every possible in house chore or planning to do so. You are planning ahead either on paper or in your mind how … Continue reading Leading Ladies Have Needs Too!

When Love Has Lost Its Soul

When you hear the names… Babyface. Jill Scott. R. Kelly. You immediately start to think of good ole soul music. You can’t think of soul music without thinking of love songs. You can’t think of love songs without thinking of LOVE. While up late last night watching an encore presentation of the 2015 Soul Train … Continue reading When Love Has Lost Its Soul