Keeping My Faith While Saving My Mind

Do you know what today is? No, not my anniversary.  However, I do hope to be celebrating an anniversary with this special announcement. Today is the first day for my readers to purchase their preorder of my new book, "Keeping My Faith While Saving My Mind; Memoirs of Overcoming Traumas".  This book is about personal … Continue reading Keeping My Faith While Saving My Mind

3 Ways to Train Your Teen To Manage Stress

You don’t have to be a mental health professional in order to train your teenager how to maintain his or her mental health. Parents are the most important teachers. In fact, training a teen how to have a healthy mind starts when they are toddlers and even infants! Understanding that not every baby is born … Continue reading 3 Ways to Train Your Teen To Manage Stress

Suicide: An Epidemic Among Youth

Tragedies are occurring everyday within our nation and across our countries. Most are so devastating that they are headliners in newspapers and breaking news on broadcast media stations. The World Heath Organization informs us when there is an alarming disease that is detrimental to our health or possibly fatal to our lives. These tragedies are … Continue reading Suicide: An Epidemic Among Youth