Why You Should Become a Mental Health Advocate

MAY is officially here!

There are so many exciting things occurring this month:  Proms, Graduations and let’s not forget Mother’s Day.  But you know what else is special about this month?

Mental Health Awareness.

Yes, May is national Mental Health Awareness Month.  Lately, you might have been focusing more on your physical health by dieting, exercising and keeping up with your annual appointments.

And this is great!

But, this month I encourage you to be more kind to your mind. Mental health is just as important as physical health. And with all of the activities that are planned for during the May, it will be great to have a mental health management plan in place.


Well, think about it. When your body is not well or healthy, it is considered to be sick. And when you are sick, you are not your best and it interferes with you doing everyday activities.

The same concept applies to mental health.

When our minds are not well we become mentally sick or ill.  I know. That sounds frightening to hear that you might be at risk of having an acute mental illness. But guess what?

It happens more often then you think!

Unfortunately, because of the stigma associated with mental illnesses, it hinders many people (all ages and backgrounds) from receiving the much needed help and support that they need.

When mental illnesses such as depression go untreated it results in suicidal ideation and even suicide. BUT guess what?

YOU can help stop suicide and help those dealing with behavioral and emotional disorders such as anxiety, bipolar, depression and others. HOW?

I’m glad you asked! You can join me and so many others by becoming a mental health advocate. This month is a great time to start. You can start at your own pace and contribute how little or much as you want. And what do I mean by ‘contribute’? I mean taking the bold effort to make a great impact by simply starting a conversation.

Sure, many organizations can use your financially support (and they would greatly appreciate it) but we also need you talking about the importance of mental health.

There are so many people silently hurting and need hope and help. You can be that voice to help them. Even if you are in need of help yourself, you can still help yourself and others by being an advocate. HOW?

Support Groups are full of advocates and strong individuals who are going through the process of healing. The truth is that chronic mental illnesses can cause a person to feel great one day and severely depressed the next day or even hour. It is a challenge. But when you have others who understand and don’t criticize, it restores hope and help those hurting not just get through a rough moment, but also enjoy life.

Can I count on you to become an advocate? If so, please comment below and let me and others know that you will help spread the news about mental health awareness. Your voice matters!


CLICK HERE to learn more about becoming a mental health advocate. Need to talk to someone anonymously? Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).  Help support my Ambassador Mental Health outreach by downloading or purchasing a copy of my mental health memoir. THANKS for your support!







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