When a Mother’s Depression Kicks in on Easter

If you are a mother dealing with depression, check out my latest post on my parenting blog. Feel free to share your thoughts or feelings!

Purpose KNIT Parenting

This is probably one of the most authentic posts that I have written on any blog.

It’s not that my norm doesn’t consist of transparency. After all, I made myself real vulnerable when I decided to tackle the conversation of church and mental illness.

But it is one thing to openly discuss your past struggles with maintaining a healthy mental status and another when you disclose current encounters. I believe it has been established or at least my platform has tried to establish that Christians deal with mental health issues too.

In case you are a confessing Believer who doesn’t understand how a Christian can be faced with mental illnesses, then you definitely cannot comprehend how a Christian can be depressed on the most significant day in Christian history.

Honestly, I am perplexed by this also. But unfortunately, I can relate.

Out of all the days in my life…

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