After Resolutions and Regrets

It is the second week of a new year. But today is the first Monday. By now you have read hundreds of clichés, declarations and resolutions on your social media timelines.  Pretty much all of them were expected and predictable.

Think back to this time last year. And the previous years.

It has been the same repeated cycle: Resolutions and Regrets.  How do you really abort the cycle and make this year different than the rest?

Yes, having a vision for the outcome of your year is a great thing. Establishing vision boards and goals help you to focus on your direction and the steps required to get there. But these relevant tools in place alone will not get you through the jagged edges that life will split in your perfect plan.

As I posted on my social media timeline the last week of December, “The CALENDAR won’t make a difference if your mindset doesn’t change.”

How to Really Change This Year

Strong Start

What did you do on the first day of this year? If you were off work, you probably visited with family and friends and had the traditional fellowship dinner. Then you shopped to catch the one-day sales at Dillard’s and Macy’s and finally relaxed at home. (Minus the shopping, that was pretty much my day)

Perhaps you were among the many who kicked off the first week of the year in overdrive trying to prove how committed you are to your resolutions. If so, good for you. If not, I applaud you. Why? Well, you already know the saying and secret to winning a race. But starting strong does not mean you burn yourself out in the first quarter.

This is a sure way to experience burnout throughout the year.

Start strong by allowing yourself to get the proper rest; body and mind. You need to be refreshed so that you can have the energy to accomplish your goals and a sound mind to think about your plans. If you had already started having regrets today because you failed your resolutions last week, I have some great news: Today is your official first week!

Strong Foundation

Bringing change to this year means starting strong in every area of your life. Establishing a strong foundation is a part of this change and strength. A strong foundation will help you to avoid unnecessary problems later and will help you bounce back from the curve balls that life will certainly throw at you. One key element to a strong foundation is prioritizing.

It sounds simple, right?

Well, this simple task will keep you focused on your goals this year and even more so, help you say no to the things that will seek to distract you and quickly place you in regret mode.

Prioritize the things that are important to you like your faith, family and friends. You make time for the things that are meaningful to you. This principle was greatly described in a book I read years ago called, “Choosing to Cheat”. One simple statement that was an epiphany of change in my life was when the author, Andy Stanley said, “A priority is something you say yes to even when it means saying no to other important things.”

Prioritize your monthly and weekly schedules. Yes, I understand that circumstances will cause schedules to change. But when you plan and prioritize it will help you to better handle the unexpected happenings that might rise.

And instead of feeling obligated to say, ‘yes’ to everything and everybody, you will learn when to say ‘no’ and the power in during so.

Your Mindset Will Change This Year

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect” (Romans 12:2, NLT).

Real change cannot occur without a healthy mindset.

Starting your year hyped up about great ideas and pumped up to jumpstart them is a great motivational marketing strategy. But if your mind has not transformed, you will end up repeating last year’s disappointments and failed promises to yourself.

GOD Change

Real consistent change has to start with GOD change. Your foundation has to start with GOD. You have to make GOD a priority in your life and He will show up in your plans. In order for your plans to succeed, you must commit them and yourself to GOD (Proverbs 16:3).

Your mindset cannot truly change unless you allow God to transform your mind. You cannot afford to think the same way about life and its challenges as you did last year. If a negative outcome is the first thing that comes to your mind when the unexpected happens, then your mind needs a transformation.

Allow GOD to renew your mind.

If you allow a GOD change in your mind, you will see a change this year because your perspective will change.

Real Change Transforms Your Life

A renewed mind and new perspective will cause a real change that will transform your life. You don’t want to be the same you as last year. Yes, you want to be true to who you are. But you want to be the best you.

The best you is a healthy you. You want to be healthy in every area of your life this year.  This includes your physical health, your mental health, your spiritual welfare and your relationships.

This transformation will allow you to be true to your daily resolutions. You don’t have to be hindered by regrets, but you will understand you are in a race with yourself; therefore, it is okay to pace yourself. This will help you avoid burnout.


One of the things that I did over the holidays to relax my mind was watch a series of my favorite shows.  I am a huge fan of television shows about law enforcement. Big shouts out to the ION and StartTV networks for satisfying my craving.

I was able to watch Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, Law & Order, NCIS Los Angeles, The Closer and The Division to name a few; if not all of my top favorites. And while it was exciting to see actor Robin Williams starring in Law & Order SVU, I was reminded of how important mental health is to those who work in the field of law enforcement.

This week, January 7-12, help ION recognize and appreciate those that work in law enforcement on every level. Every day they work to transform lives. Let their work make a difference in your life by transforming your own.

Be sure to download a free copy of my book, Keeping My Faith While Saving My Mind, for a limited time!

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