No More!

September is now here. Summer will soon be ending. School is back in session. If your life resembles mine in any way, you too have been readjusting and trying to balance your schedule and the schedules of others; those that depend on you nearly all 24 hours in a day!

Have you already started to feel like you are losing yourself in the cycle of a clustered life?

Do you often find yourself wondering;

Is this now what my days consist of?

Will there ever be more to my life?

When will things get better?

Burnout and frustration can cause these normal questions to be asked on a regular basis. It is easy to repeat an unhealthy cycle. Stress simmers in our lives and it isn’t until it has escalated out of control that we realize there is a serious problem.

When it does intensify in our lives we can either choose to simmer our chaos or let it boil over. We must recognize when we are arriving at a point of No More!

This month is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Suicide is a serious and relevant issue that must be talked about. It impacts everyone in some way or another.

There are many factors that affect why someone chooses suicide as a solution. One of them being that the boiling pot not only ran over, but it also completely dried itself out. Life can cause us to feel as though we are completely depleted. So much that giving up seems to be the only option.

There is Good News!

You are not alone. Help is available. And life will get better. Not just better. But there is a life that is full of joy and happiness in your future. The Bible says that God wants us to have an abundant and satisfying life (ref. John 10:10).

It’s time to claim No More to lives lost.  It’s time to claim No More to the things that causes you to want to give up. It’s time to say No More because your life does matter and it is full of purpose.

Join me and other advocates and ambassadors this month as we bring awareness to suicide prevention.

Connect to my blog, Facebook and or Instagram pages. You will receive resources, but encouragement to help you or someone you know that might be encountering a difficult day. We are in this together.

NO MORE lives lost!

Download or purchase your copy of Shulanda #1 Amazon Bestselling book, “Keeping My Faith While Saving My Mind” that breaks the barrier of talking about mental health in the church.

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