Finding Peace While Making Decisions

This very moment you could be pondering about a life changing decision; minor or major. Today you might have listened to a sermon or motivational message, prayed with a partner or asked a friend for advice. But only to realize that you are still not at peace about what to do in your situation.

Now, what’s your next move?

You don’t know because you can’t think. You can’t think because your mind is overwhelmed with anxiety and fear.

Is this the right timing?

What will my family think?

Could this be the biggest mistake of my life?

Am I missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity?

These are just a few of the questions that have been constantly running through your mind. You have no peace because chaos is cluttering your thoughts.


Every day we are presented circumstances or opportunities to make decisions. It could be any where from the best appropriate attire for an interview to moving to another state for a better job. Sometimes it isn’t how a decision is ranked in the major or urgent category. When you are pressing for time, the most minor and less complicated issue can place you in crisis mode.

And let’s be honest. Timing has a lot to do with our decision making. We often feel that we are obligated to decide something sooner than later. And understandably there are exceptions to this analogy.  But when you are making decisions that are or seem to be life changing, there are a couple of things to be keep in mind.

When Making Decisions

  1. Be Patient. It might appear that you are pressed for time, but you do have time to give yourself time to think. Being in a rush to make a decision can cause you to become filled with anxiety and in return, not able to make a sound decision.
  1. Seek God’s Will. If you believe that God has a plan for your life, then you know how important it is to seek God’s will on decision making matters. There are some things that are specific or unconditional about God’s will for our lives and there are some things that He permits or allows. Pray specifically about what God would have you to do and exercise patience. Remember, God also uses people to help confirm His plan.
  1. Trust Your Decision. This might be the most difficult thing to do. After you have conquered the tedious milestone of making a decision, you end up wondering if it was the best choice. Allow yourself to commit to the decision you made. Sometimes life presents us with many great options and we just have to choose the better of two greats. Then there are other instances where choosing one decision could cause a consequence. Even in the later case, you have to have trust that God will allow you to be guided back to His path. God knows your heart and if you were genuinely trying to make the best choice.

Making decisions are a part of life. I’m sure you have made many decisions that you were not so proud of and you were able to get passed them. But you have also made decisions that were good ones. Allow the peace of God that transcends all understanding (ref. Phil. 4:7) to resonate in your body, mind and spirit.

This too shall pass!

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