Ever Feel Like Your Life is a Mess?

One of my favorite quotes is from the movie,  Forrest Gump “Life is like a box of chocolates.”


Because if you have a variety of options, as you do in life, you truly never know what you are going to get. Chocolate lovers have different taste preferences. What might taste scrumptious to one might be awful to another.

Stress works in a very similar capacity.

Certain happenings might be healthy stress for some; whereas, there are incidents that are unhealthy stress for others.

Either way, we all have our good and challenging days. It is the challenging days that can make us feel as though our lives are a big mess.

What are we to do on those days?


We know that God knows how to bring order to chaos or what appears to be chaos to us. In the book of Genesis, it is revealed in the first chapter how God created structure in the cosmos and the earth.  Even when we experience darkness in our lives, it serves a purpose. It can appear chaotic or challenging to us because it is either out of order in our lives or its purpose has not been revealed.

My favorite MLK quote is “Only when it’s dark enough can you see the stars.”

Day and night serve a purpose in our lives. There is a time to work and a time to rest. When the two overlap and/or not set aside for the appropriate time it can cause mental and physical exhaustion.

God speaks in the prophetic book of Isaiah, “I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name” (45:3, NIV).

Do you ever feel as though you are working tireless only to accomplish little or nothing? You are continuously trying to set goals that seem to be constantly failing and you just can’t break through?

You can have a vision of what you desire and trying to obtain. But you need to have the unknown revealed to you throughout the process of working your vision and mission statements.

The enemy wants to keep these treasures hidden, but because God is the Creator of all things, He can direct you to these treasures you seek.

Accept the things you cannot change.

Admit that life is becoming overwhelming. God knows what you can handle. He knows what you are able to do and are not. Know when it is time to yield.

Ask for help.

After you realize and admit that things are out of your control, ask for help. God wants to help you to regain control or manage your life. He can lead you in the right direction and He can send you just what you need.

Let God order your mess and turn it into a message. Let God bring order to your life today!


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