Bury Toxic Thoughts and Let Your Mind Be Resurrected

The Easter fun is over. Resurrection Sunday has passed. But guess what?

JESUS is still risen from the borrowed grave!

Now what does this really mean for you?

This means that you too have been resurrected. Unlike Jesus, you did not have to die a physical death. But the fact that Jesus did die and Jesus did rise from the grave with all power, you have conquered some dead things in your life.

What if you could go and bury emotional elements such as anxiety, fear, worry or regrets and walk away from the burial site with the opposite emotions?

You can!

Does this mean that every bad feeling just magically remove itself from your mind?  No. This does mean that you have the power to conquer these toxic emotions.

The Resurrection of Jesus gave you the power you need to handle your internal conflicts. But don’t forget the power in Jesus dying. Sometimes things must be buried in order to grow. Sometimes things must be removed for other things to be replaced or received. Sometimes things have to be killed in order for something to live.

There is no physical death sacrifice needed from you for you to grow, receive greatness or to enjoy life.

However, you making a sacrifice to intentionally remove negative thoughts, repressed memories and false will be required.

The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows].

– John 10:10, AMP

You might be thinking that I have issues. You might be thinking that I’m bipolar, I have chronic depression or I have anxiety disorder.

This Scripture is for you. Jesus’ Resurrection is for you.

Does this mean that you do not have to use the resources that God has given mankind the knowledge to provide and receive? No, it does not. As a Biblical counselor, I know and understand that God has made help available through talk therapy, support groups and even medication.

There is nothing wrong with using these effective methods as long as they are being effective for you.

But you must also know that The Source has given you the power to know and use the resources that you need. A new you starts in your mind. God wants your mind to be renewed (ref Rom. 12:2) so that you can receive the healing you need, know the purpose of your life and enjoy your life.

What do you need to bury in order to live out a resurrected you? Start praying to God and asking Him to reveal those hidden problems and pains that are eating away at you. Ask Him to send you the person to connect you to resources you need.

Do not forget the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ now that the Easter ‘holiday’ is over. Receive the benefits of Jesus’ suffering and His victory!


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