Spring Cleaning Your Mind

Spring time is here!

As so many others, you too have probably already scheduled your spring cleaning that includes storing your winter clothes and unpacking your spring wardrobe, making an appointment with your yard man and of course house cleaning.

Why is spring cleaning in these areas so necessary?

Well, first you want to dress appropriately for the transitional weather. And aside from the fact that Mother Nature seems to be having fun mixing up seasons once and while, you don’t want to be clothed in fleece and wool on a nice and slightly breezy day.

Plus, things can pile up and die out during the winter months.

And when these things have not been properly handled it can cause clutter and chaos in your life. So much that you will not be able to enjoy or benefit from the fruitful spring season.


Spring: “that season of the year following winter, in which plants begin to grow…any period of beginning.”[1]


We know the projected outcome from failing to spring clean or clean during any season or time. It creates a mess in our homes and lives. You can picture trying to get ready for a busy day while having to search through piles of paper for a report you have to present or looking for your favorite shirt only to locate the sleeve sticking out under a pile of dirty laundry!

Time to call or text your supervisor a cautionary, “I’m going to be late” warning.

Imagine your mind being in this same facet. Do you think it could properly function?

Why the Mind Needs Cleaning

Just as unproductive or unhealthy stuff pile up in our lives, they also accumulate in our minds. Clutter and chaos in our minds causes stress and struggle in our lives. This is why it is imperative that we renew our minds and get rid of toxic occupants.

When the mind is stressed in an unhealthy way it can not focus or make healthy decisions. It becomes unstable. The Bible states it this way: “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways” James 1:8, KJV.[2]

Do you ever feel like you are fighting with yourself? Seriously. There is an ongoing battle inside of an unbalanced mind. This is the reason why certain things need to be removed or cleansed from our minds on a regular basis.

Things that Need to be Cleansed in the Mind

Remember that spring time is a period for things to grow and develop. They can do so because certain things have died or been plucked. Think of your mind as fertile soil constantly ready to grow what you plant. Is every seed that you have planted worth harvesting?

  1. Negative thoughts. How many negative seeds have been planted in your mind by the way of words? Think about the words spoken by others and the conversations you have had just this year or this week. Have you been encouraged or discouraged to pursue your dreams? Have you received labels or declarations by others? How many times have these words hindered you from being productive? Negative thought will always dwell in the mind until they are replaced by positive ones.
  1. Repressed thoughts. All negative thoughts are not presently active in our minds. There are some images and words that were so damaging to the point the mind has defensively repressed them. The tend to resurface when triggered by a similar event or experience. The thing is that they are always there sending subliminal messages to our present. No matter how we try to repress or forget something negative, it will always influence us until we honestly deal with it.
  1. False thoughts. These are thoughts that might not have been directly planted by others but created by us. False thoughts are untruths. They are derived out of fear – fear of the unknown or what might occur. They can be associated with turning good things into bad ones because of everything that could go wrong. For example, you receive a promotion at work and start thinking of every negative thing that could happen; doubting you can do the job, thinking about who doesn’t want you to have the job and even trying to talk yourself out of your new position. The best way to get rid of false thoughts is to think on those things that are true (ref. Phil 4:8).


The Outcome of Cleaning the Mind

Who really wants a house or yard that looks like the classic television show, “The Monsters”? Who wants a home where you can’t find anything or a garden that doesn’t produce?

We spring clean so that we can produce a certain outcome with results.

Cleaning the mind should also produce an expected outcome. If you want your mind to grow, then some things need to be cut out in order for you to be fruitful in this season. You do not want to be stressed out. Toxic things are unhealthy for your mind and will cause you to be stressed.

Unnecessary stress will cause you to struggle.

You will struggle in your relationships. You will struggle with making healthy and the best decisions for yourself. You will struggle with beginning new seasons and seeking new opportunities because you are stuck in your past and consumed by your negative, repressed and false thoughts.

Do you want to be the best you this season?

Then start today by spring cleaning your mind!


[1] Macmillan. 1996. Webster’s New World Dictionary and Thesaurus. Cleveland, OH. Simon & Schuster, Inc.

[2] Zondervan. 2002. The Holy Bible, New International Version. Grand Rapid, MI. Zondervan

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