New Beginning in an Unexpected Place

How excited are you about a New Year?

No. I mean really?

If you are among the millions that could not wait to replace your calendar, you probably have already set your goals for the year, declared resolutions, and have been enthusiastically working towards making this year better than ever!

Does this sound like you? If not, just keep on reading…

There truly is something special about this year.

Did you know that the number eight means ‘new beginnings’.

Doesn’t it usually seem as though there is something ‘magically’ wonderful about starting a brand-new year? And knowing that this year is significantly attached to ‘new beginnings’ just adds extra gold to the pot!

Exciting, right?

Of course. Especially when your mind is made up that greater is waiting for you. But if your mind is stagnated on your issues from last year, then you have not started your new beginning yet.

What are your issues?

Are they emotional? Are they relational? Are they financial?

Perhaps you have found yourself in a place that you may or may not have thought you would be.

It is one thing when a specific crisis happens in your life that prompts you to expect to be landed in a certain place for a moment, but another when you find yourself in an unexpected place during an unexpected time.

And not just any unexpected time, but one that has been declared a new beginning for you.

You might have been finding it difficult to watch other people in your circle, on your social media or even strangers encouraged and motivated by a fresh start. They have been boldly declaring their goals for the year and diligently working them by…

  • showing off exercise videos
  • posting pics of their latest healthy entrees
  • sharing cliched quotes
  • giving testimonials about the progress made during the first week of the year

YOU are ‘forced’ to watch others start their new year in a year of new beginnings while being overwhelmed by unresolved  attitudes and feelings about your life.

YOU want your new beginning. And you thought that you would have been taking action steps as others are doing.

BUT last year was a rough year. Its disappointments have trickled over into this year. You are in a place in life that you feel you should not be in during this season. Everything that could have gone wrong did. You feel as though you have been knocked to your lowest place. You want to move forward, but you honestly don’t know how to do that.

How Do You Start a New Beginning in an Unexpected Place?

  1. LET GO! I could compose the traditional three to five action steps for you to take, but I’m only going to leave you with one. Simple or complex; that depends on you. You have to let go of your past disappointments and regrets. By now you have had time to mediate and reflect on everything that has you stagnate right now. But the challenge to moving forward is to let go. And this requires you to make up your mind that you will do just that.

Once you let go, you will be able to embrace this New Year that is full of New Beginnings. You don’t have to watch others live and enjoy their lives. You don’t have to watch other’s take the risk of making their dreams come true. You have a right to live your life and enjoy it too.

Go ahead and set those goals. It’s never too late. Go ahead and share your progress (when you’re ready). Go ahead and walk in your new beginning because you are in the right place to do it!

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