A Smile Can Change a Mood

What is your current mood?

Is it determined by the weather you are presently surrounded by?  Is it determined by how your day was started?

Perhaps misplaced keys,  a discouraging email, traffic jam or a bad cup of coffee (or even worse, none at all) has placed you in a ‘bad’ mood.

This could be your circumstances or another person that you cross paths with today. Either way, a smile can make a big difference!

Offer a warm smile today and it could help change their mood by bringing a since of peace or calmness to their day or current circumstances.

If you are the one who is having a not so great day, try smiling. Yes, when it seems like everything is going wrong in your day, the natural response is to get angry, frustrated and frown.

But it will not help your situation.

Smiling can help you get through it and see positive solution.

So go ahead and give it a try. Are you smiling yet?

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