Friday 13th Doesn’t Mean Bad Luck!

We have heard the clichés. We are familiar with the omens.

And after you glanced at your calendar this morning there was probably a feeling of anxiety that tried to overwhelm you. Heck, I even know some people who stayed at home today because they feared something bad would happen!

Stop the madness in your mind!

You don’t have to go in the opposite direction of a black cat.

If you accidentally break a mirror, just pick up the pieces.

If you happen to buy something that totals $6.66, do not think you are doomed!  (I actually use to think this)

What am I saying?

That just because something you don’t like happens today, it doesn’t mean the reason is because of a specific date that just happens to fall on a specific day. Not so good things can occur on any given day.

It does not mean you have to plan your day around the fear of what MIGHT happen.

“Misfortune pursues the sinner, but prosperity is the reward of the righteous” (Proverbs 13:21, NIV).

You are not a bad or unlucky person.  Bad luck is not chasing after you. Therefore, do not allow yourself to be filled with anxiety and fear over something that has not happened. This is called faulty thinking.

Today, is another day that is full of blessings for you. If you expect something bad to happen, then it will. This applies to any day. Luck has nothing to do with it. If something disappoints you today, take a deep breath and move on. Do not drown yourself in the incident.

Do good in this day.  Do what is right in this day. Plant a good seed in this day. And watch good fruit, good rewards be the outcome.

Happy Friday!

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