Trust That God Will Restore Your Life

Today, you might be feeling as though your life has been turned upside down. The cause could be from a loss; a job, a bad investment or even worse, a loved one.

It could have been a natural disaster that has caused your world to come tumbling down. You have now found yourself homeless, without transportation and no access to basis essential necessities.

Have these circumstances caused you to feel useless, hopeless or like there is no purpose to your life?

“I have suffered much, O LORD; restore my life again as you promised” (Psalm 119:107, NLT).

The psalmist in the above verse also felt like you do right now. There are at least two things that you have in common.

  1. Hardship. Difficult and disappointment are not held back from anyone. They are a part of life. Do not feel as though you are being punished because of your present suffering. Although it does not feel like it now, this is making you stronger and causing you to recognize strength you didn’t realize you had.
  1. Testimony. He declares, “restore my life again…” indicating that God has restored him before. You too can think of a time, a testimony when God restored you from some other tragic event in your life. You thought you were at rock bottom then. It felt hopeless then. But God did just what He promised. This too shall pass.

As you continue your day, I encourage you to read this passage:  Psalm 119:105-120, and trust that God will restore you!



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