What Fears Are Holding You Back?

It’s a new day; week, month and season!

Sometimes when you step into the new it requires something old to be left behind or to fall back. This can include internal and external factors.

Let’s focus on an inner conflict; specifically, fears.

Fears can hold us hostage mentally and block us from desired achievements, as well as, enjoying every day life.  It can cause us to have frequent anxiety, fixated phobias and panic attacks.

Are you aware of any present fears? Think about any misplaced fear or things that you are afraid of that are not your reality.

For instance, are you afraid of setting a specific goal or trying something that your soul just burns to do because you think you will fail?

Perhaps you have a fear of public speaking because you had one bad experience.

Some fears are valid. Meaning that there is a logical reason for having them. But even those can be conquered.

Ways to Conquer Fear

  1. Identify the Fear. You can not deal with anything that you are not consciously aware of. You can identify any fears in your life by thinking about any delayed goals, things that keep you from developing relationships or things that are keeping you from enjoying things in life such as traveling by plane.


  1. Determine the Cause. After you identify your fear, do the work to determine the root cause of it. Is the fear misplaced or valid? Did something previously occur that is causing the fear? Is the fear based upon faulty thinking or something that has never happened?


  1. Face the Fear. Once you have identified and determined the cause of the fear, you will need to deal with it in order to remove it. This step, as well as, the other two can require some help such as counseling. But if you never take the step towards facing your fear, it will forever hinder your success in areas of your life.

Will this week, this month or this season be the turning point in your life that causes you to stop living a limited life? It is totally up to you! Yes, it can be scary facing our fears that have held us hostage for so long, but it is worth the process. I believe you can do it and I certainly know that you are worth it!

For more applicable information on how to overcome fear, click here.

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