What Needs to Fall Off in Your Life?

Can you believe that today is the first full week of Fall?

This signifies a change in seasons, but it also serves as mental and spiritual notations for us to evaluate our goals; our personal, family and business or career plans.

Having a visual and concrete plan for your goals has already been established as an ingredient for success.

But what about the ingredients that are not needed?

During an evaluation, you measure what is working and what is not. You assess  strengths and weaknesses, resources and threats that will help determine the outcome of your goals.

Now I must ask you a significant question, “What needs to be removed from your life during this Fall season?”

Really take the time to think about this.

Start with an internal evaluation.

What habits or attitudes do you currently possess that could be hindering your success or progress? Are there any fears holding you back? Are there any negative thoughts that are causing you delay?

What about external factors?

Think about your relationships. Are there any friendships that are draining you? Are there any business relationships that are depleting you? What about those relationships that have grown completely toxic?

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!” Isaiah 43:18,19a, NIV

You will not be able to move forward into the new things that God has for you if you bring unhealthy things into this season. Your daily progress will be further delayed if you hold on to things that keep reminding you of your past.

Choose not to hold up your success. Decide to make the decision to perform a thorough evaluation. It’s okay to allow some things and even people to fall back out of your life.

You deserve to live and enjoy your best life! You can go Forward by letting somethings Fall.

Will you do it?

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