Marrying Boaz Can Help Your Mental Health

Since it’s the weekend, I thought I would lightened things up a bit. Well…kinda sorta of.

Any time you talk about marriage and mental health it can lead to an intense discussion.

Don’t worry…this quick post isn’t that deep!

But you might be wondering what marriage has to do with maintaining your mental health and who the heck is Boaz?

Well, I will just start by saying that we know all relationships can be healthy or toxic for us. And from a woman’s perspective, having a kind, loving and supportive husband can help you keep your sanity on your worst day!

The Bible gives an example of this type of man and his name is Boaz. I encourage you to read the short, yet powerful book of Ruth.


In my Christian fiction novel, Marriage Thorn, I touch on relevant issues such as mental health, relationships, domestic violence and abuse. And as serious as these issues are, I add a bit of humor and drama that will keep you turning the pages.

(at least this is what I’m frequently told)

Today is the last day that the best-seller will be available for a FREE download on Amazon. So, if you want a character you can relate to, a character who will cause you to use a box of Kleenex and want a throw pillow at the same time, then go ahead and download your copy and get ready to enjoy!

After you finish, (or if you are tempted to do so by the end of chapter one) visit the Facebook page and start or join a discussion about the characters.

Relax. Read. Rejuvenate your weekend!



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