Why You Need a Good Support System

Living with a mood disorder can be quite challenging. It doesn’t mean that you can not live and enjoy your life. It does mean that you must be honest with yourself about your true emotions.

Before anyone else can attempt to comprehend the barriers you face ‘being you’, you have to embrace who you are without worrying about the thoughts others have about you.

Yes, you get a little moody. Yes, you might be easily irritated by the simplest things. Yes, a minor event might cause you to drift into a period of depression.

It’s Okay.

It’s a part of the side effects caused by your illness. It does not represent a defect about you.

So, when you are dealing with one of your most difficult days, you need people in your corner who will encourage you through the temporary cloudy days. You do not need to be surrounded around judgmental or negative people.

“When you are in the fight for saving your mind due to different life traumas or tragedies, you need people on your team who care if you win” (Hastings 2017, p. 99).

A good support system is vital to your mental health care. And enabling it during dark times can make the difference in how soon you get back to being the best you.

Think about a sports game. The best of the best players need a little pick me up when they have been knocked down. Do their teammates pushed them to get up and continue playing or do they help them stay down?

The analogy that I give in my book of memoirs is that the best player is the weakest link when he is holding the ball because the opposing team is coming after him. The player holding the ball searches for those on his team who are trying to help him and not hurt him.

When you are dealing with anxiety, bipolar or depression, you are fighting in the game called life. And you are worth being able to enjoy the best possible life that you can everyday.

You Need a Good Support System Because…

  1. Positivity. When you are having a rough period, it will cause you to think negative thoughts about yourself and life. It is imperative that you shift your thinking during this time. Surround yourself around positive people who can encourage you.
  1. Trust. You have probably learned by now that you can’t trust everyone, especially with your mood disorder. You will need a special person or two who will allow you to just be you in your current state. This will give you the freedom to vent or just express how you truly feel without worrying if the person is going to let the world know what you are going through. People remain silent about their alarming thoughts when they feel like they have no one they can talk to as a confidant.
  1. Help. Numerous events can stimulate or trigger your mood disorder. What ever crisis you find yourself in, you might need help dealing with it. It could be a loss, a financial problem or family situation. Everyone needs help when these types of crises occur. When you are experiencing a crisis and trying to manage your mood disorder, it can cause you not to think clearly. Having someone else to identify solutions to your problem can help you tremendously.

Do me a favor. Review your phone list. Select people in your contact who are already positive or encouraging, people who you trust and people who are connected to resources. Add them to your speed dial or write their names down on a pad that is visible and easy to locate. The next time you start to feel like life is becoming overwhelming, enable your support system.

Also, do not be afraid to disable or delete those who offer the opposite of what you need.

It’s okay to make it about you. You matter. Surround yourself with others who believe you matter too!

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