Focus on YOUR Progress

Have you ever gotten depressed because it seemed as though you weren’t making any progress?  You know that urge of discouragement that occurs when it appears that every step you take moves you three steps backwards?

You start to critique yourself based on the progress of others.

You become doubtful in your own abilities.

One thing that is relevant to note each day, is that everyone’s situation is different.  Everyone is faced with dissimilar circumstances each day.

When life happens, it causes you to regroup. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to change your goal, but unexpected life events might cause you to rearrange your steps to reach achievement.

And when this happens (and it will), try not to focus on all of your “failures” or disappointments that transpired on that particular day. Focus on the progress you did accomplish, regardless how small.

In other words, don’t beat yourself up every time you are hit with bad news, a rejection or a dream deferred. Delay does not mean denial.

Focus on one day and even one hour at a time. A lot can be done in a day, but an hour can make the difference in your progress.

Now today, choose to zoom in back on you. Fight the urge to compare yourself to others. And celebrate your progress!


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