Keep Your Faith While Saving Your Mind

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day that recognizes survivors of suicide and those affected by suicide.

Today is also a typical Sunday where many faith believers will be filling up churches to fellowship with others, worship God and receive spiritual food. But there will be thousands among congregants who are in desperate need of something deeper; hope.

If you have ever battled a state of depression so severe that it caused you to feel completely hopeless, then you can relate to a person who has experienced suicidal thoughts and even attempted to act on them.

It doesn’t occur overnight.

It usually transpires over time.

If you have unfortunately thought about ending your own life and you are a faith believer, a Christian, do you remember ever sitting inside a church screaming for help on the inside and feeling completely detached from the service around you? Do you recall having the courage to stand up and walk down the aisle to receive prayer and that was all that you received?

As Christians, we know that we can communicate with God through prayer. But God also wants His hurting children to receive the necessary help that is needed in various situations.

In my Amazon Kindle Best Seller book, “Keeping My Faith While Saving My Mind” I authentically discuss my battle with major depression and suicidal ideation. I transparently describe how I had to deal with my emotions, along with social stigma as a Christian and even as a minister.


It took me awhile to be able to reach this point of authenticity about myself to share with others. The majority of my mental health advocacy has been about being a voice for my teenage brother who died by suicide. I still advocate on his behalf, but while doing so it gave me the strength and courage to tell my story.

My story has made many uncomfortable. But I know that it is necessary to share. The reviews and testimonies that I have received from others reminds me how important my story is. And it makes me unashamed to say that I Am a Survivor of suicide!

If you are also a survivor, have lost a loved one to suicide, currently dealing with suicidal thoughts or know someone who is I encourage you to read about my story. Because a great portion of it deals with how the church stigmatizes mental disorders, it has been a great conversation starter and teaching tool for pastors, ministry leaders and small groups.

In honor of National Suicide Prevention Week, it is available for a FREE download during the entire week. If you are currently hurting in this area, you will be encouraged that someone else knows exactly what you are going through. If you have decided to be an advocate, this book will  help break the barrier between faith and mental health so those hurting can receive the help needed.

Download your FREE copy and #stopsuicide

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