Rebuilding in the Midst of Devastation

As storms, hurricanes and fires travel throughout the nation, many families have found themselves in the midst of devastating circumstances. It is during the aftermath of these natural disasters when victims will be able to assess the depth of the damage.

Then they will be able to start rebuilding their lives.

The process of rebuilding will not be an easy one. Surviving the disasters while they are active is a part of this process. And one thing about resiliency, it kicks in before the aftermath because when storms are causing physical damage to homes and properties, they are also causing emotional chaos.

It is the mental damage that can delay or deter the physical repairs, as well as, the stability of one’s life.

So how do you pick up the pieces caused from a natural disaster when you feeling distressed, mentally drained and hopeless?

Before any one can start rebuilding from any crisis, the process of rebuilding the mind has to start too. Most times it is in the aftermath of a disaster that people start this process of restoration. And this is also necessary.

When calamities strike, you have to immediately start renewing your mind in order to think thoughts of restoration in spite of the devastation that your eyes are surrounded by. If you think the situation is beyond repair, then it will be. But if you think that you can rebuild in the midst of opposition, then you will.

In the book of Nehemiah, the fourth chapter talks about the opposition that the Jews had when they decided to rebuild the wall that had been broken down and destroyed by fire while they were in exile. Although they received much criticism and were viewed as feeble, they were determined to restore their lives.

Your crisis might not be a natural disaster. You could be in the aftermath of a lost job, a sickness or death of a loved one. You could be dealing with the lows or trying to manage the highs of a mood disorder.

You are not feeble. You are resilient.

Whatever you are in the midst of facing, you are able to rebuild or restore. Yes, life can be hard. But there is nothing to hard for our God. He has not forgotten about you. He has not turned His face from you in your moment of devastation. He is not naive or numb to your pain.

You will get through and beyond this. Do not focus on the damage. Do not focus on the opposition.

Focus your mind and keep your mind focused on God’s promises. For God is bigger than any crisis!

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