You Can Break Free from Your Past Pains

It’s a process!  Breaking free from the things that have haunted you for years, the people who have hurt you through betrayal or rejection and the disappointments that have discouraged you to live are all a part of a process.

How long is the process?  That is entirely up to you.

Memories are resurfaced by frequency. The less they are thought about the more repressed they become.

Sometimes we must allow ourselves to forget about toxic things to the point we have developed amnesia. Yes, I know. This can be a challenging process. Especially when you feel as though you have a right to be angry, bitter or even depressed about the people or situations that have caused you pain.

It can be difficult to move on when you are faced to mingle with your adversary; that parent who failed to protect you, that friend who betrayed you or that significant other who broke your heart.

But you have to desire to break away from the pain they caused you so that you can enjoy the life you deserve to have. The life that God has planned for you.

The process starts with taking a step towards wanting to free your mind from the agony. It requires you accepting the fact that yes, that happened to me and it was not fair and it caused me pain. It requires accepting that the person who committed the injustice against you is who they are and you can not change them. It doesn’t mean they can not be changed.

But while they are in the process of getting to the place that they realize what they did to you was wrong, you don’t have to wait for them to gain revelation in order for you to start your process to healing.

“Carefully guard your thoughts because they are the source of true life” (Proverbs 4:23, CEV).

People will hold you captive through your own toxic memories of them.

It’s is up to you to remove them from your mind. You have to decide to break free from the captivity.

This has been a very critical life lesson that I continue to learn. But once I get over mourning the pain by allowing myself to go through the process of feeling all of the emotions, I am then able to mobilize my break free power.

Once you break free from the pains of your past, you will be able to focus on becoming an even better you. The only thing you need to carry from your past into your future is the lesson you learned. Do not hold on to unhealthy things. Even when are forced to face your abuser; the one who abused you either emotionally, physically or morally, manage your thoughts. Choose to disallow the negativity to reenter your mind.

Break Free from your past pain today!

2 thoughts on “You Can Break Free from Your Past Pains

  1. Woah. Powerful stuff and concepts. I wasn’t able to break free from suppressed memories and pain until I sought help from a counselor who specializes in psychotherapy. Have you heard of Internal Family Systems (IFS)? It has changed my life.


    1. Yes, I am familiar with IFS and other therapies that are effective. As a Christian counselor, I combine Biblical counseling with other models. I am elated to know you found what works for you. That is key. Thanks so much for reading and sharing!

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