One Hour Leads to One Day

You have probably heard the phrase “Take life one day at a time”.  But depending on what’s going on in your, life getting through one day can seem extremely challenging.

I recently posted on how we can take control of anxiety and fear that fights to manage our lives. And when I am starting to feel overwhelmed and someone happens to ask me how I am doing? My frequent response is “I’m taking life one hour at a time!”

This simple life philosophy can make a major difference. Think of the elephant analogy or riddle. How do you eat an elephant?  Answer:  One piece at time.

So, how do you get through a difficult day?  One hour at a time!

It’s what you do within those 60 minutes that helps you harness your survival skills. For example, if you spend every minute of the hour worrying about what you expect to transpire in your day, you will not be productive. As a matter fact, you will be totally stressed out to the point that all you want is for that day to be over.

“So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own. Sufficient for each day is its own trouble” (Matthew 6:34).

You can positively impact your day by what you think about and what you decide to do within each hour. Why waste the time you have been given?  Why not decide to change your thought pattern and choose to do something that will have a positive effect on you? ‘Tragic’ events are out of your control. Even if doing something positive in one hour will not change the situation you are so concerned about, at least it can help your health.

One thing for sure if you choose to just worry ALL day long it will cause you to be distressed, fearful and full of  anxiety. Not to mention the physical health problems these things can lead to.

Live in the Now moment. The minor things you do in one hour to redirect yourself from your major problem just might result in an unexpected outcome. What you thought could never be resolved or could never happen could occur.

One thing for certain, choosing to spend ALL 24 hours in panic mode will do nothing to help your situation. If anything, it will cause your day to be more worse than before. When you are in panic mode, you are not thinking clearly. When you are not thinking clearly, you make unhealthy decisions.

Your elephant (problem) appears too enormous to manage right now. But you can handle it one bite, one day and one hour at a time!

How will you choose to spend your next hour?


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