Controlling Anxiety When Tragedy Strikes

How do you view unpleasant events when you are having a not so good day?

A ‘bad’ day can happen to anyone right? Or do tragic things only occur in the lives of certain people?

You might think or feel as though only bad things happen to you or that you are some how destined for tragedy while experiencing your latest crisis, but the truth is that the best of us can be directly impacted by discouraging news, disappointing results or situations that land us in desperate need.

The difference in the outcome is how one perceives the tragedy.

If you allow yourself to be in constant fear about something bad happening and automatically expect the worse, then you allow yourself to become filled with anxiety about something that has not occurred.

This refrains you from enjoying your life because you are afraid to live out each day.

Do you remember the story of Job?  God considered Job a righteous and upright man. Job was extremely blessed and he daily displayed his gratitude to God.

But the Bible says that it was the thing that Job feared the most that changed his temperament about his life (ref. Job 3:25).

What does this mean?

First, that tragedy is not biased. It can happen to anyone. Regardless how many times or how often you experience bad things does not make you a bad person or someone who is cursed. Job had everything and nearly lost everything in a series of unexpected events.

Secondly, it means that the most stable person can be placed in a situation that causes them to be mentally unstable. Job became downcast and fearful. He was starting to allow anxiety to clutter his mind so much that he forgot about the state he was in before tragedy occurred. That is what fear and anxiety will do. They will paralyze your thoughts so that you can not see pass your current circumstances.

“And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise” (Proverbs 4:8, NLT).


Ways to Control Anxiety When Tragedy Occurs

  1. Change Your Mind. When facing a crisis and before one happens, you must change your thoughts about the occurrence.  In order to move outside of the victim mentality and thinking, something is wrong with me or this is only occurring because I have this condition or this issue, you have to command your mind to think differently by focusing on what is true. The truth is that bad things can happen to anyone and not just you.
  1. Trust God. If you read the first chapter in the book of Job, you will learn or be reminded that when Job trusted God he was able to manage his life. You will also note that God was always in control of the chaos in Job’s life. When you are going through a difficult time, be reminded that God is in control even when it feels as though you are unable to handle your situation. Trust that God already has a plan and praise Him during the process!
  1. Keep Living. Remember that anxiety will paralyze you. You do not have to be stagnate while you are going through a crisis. Do not put your life on hold unto after the crisis is over. Continue to move forward and not schedule your life based upon the tragic event. You can still enjoy other aspects of your life despite the fact that a particular area is off track. Live out your schedules and find something enjoyable to do.

What are other ways to help control anxiety? Please share what works for you!

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