Ways That Parents Can Talk About Mental Health

As another school year quickly begins, preparing children for that first day is the main thing on the mind of parents right now.

The traditional To-Do list consists of shopping for school supplies and clothes, making beauty and barbershop appointments and organizing carpool and pickup schedules.

All of these are important to making sure youth have a great first day of school, as well as, a great year. But do you know what else is extremely relevant to children and teens having a successful year?

Their mental health!

Depending upon your child’s age, he or she will have to make sure they are up to date on their health screenings and vaccinations.

But when was the last time if ever, your child received a mental health screening?

Mental health screening...I know it might seem a bit abnormal.  However, completing that shopping list, making sure physicals are current and making sure your child is mentally healthy all play a role in his or her behavioral skills.

Your child does not have to be diagnosed with a disorder in order for you to be concerned about their mental health. Their stress level effects their mental health.

After months of having play time or a relaxed schedule to having a full schedule that includes deadlines plus structured recreational activities can cause for some adjustment for any age youth.

Ways that parents can help mentally prepare their children for the upcoming school year is to be able to start a conversation about mental health with them.  Sounds a little scary, right?

Be encouraged. You are not alone.  There are many resources available for you.  One of which I serve as field advocate for; the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  Click here to view a list of resources they have compiled to help you start that conversation with your youth.

Make sure your child is mentally ready for that first day of school!

Feel free to share other ways that parents can help prepare children for a new school year.

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