Yielding to God’s New Beginning

You have probably heard the cliche or saying that goes “If you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans.”  Are you willing to confess that you have been guilty of this?

Confession:  I’m guilty as charged!

Is there really anything wrong with planning for the future? Every successful person had to adequately plan at some point. Failing to properly plan for goals will result in not much achievement. However, we do learn from a lack of planning.

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed” (Proverbs 16:3).

You want to know what else causes us not to accomplish our plans?

We fail to include God in our plans. A better way to phrase it is that we often fail to make sure that our plans are a part of God’s plans. Then when we are forced to face the dreadful disappointment of an unexpected or unwanted event, we perceive it as a failed plan or something that just wasn’t meant to be.

As Christians, we are to pray about everything. This allows us not only to commit to God in what we do, but also allows us to have insight and direction about God’s will for our lives.

When we allow ourselves to become so consumed with accomplishing every goal, manifesting every dream or executing every plan that we want and trying to make sure it happens within our timeline, we can easily become discouraged about life and purpose.

Recently, I had to face one of the most dreadful series of unexpected and definitely unwanted events that through a major curve ball to my life. Or at least this was my perception at the time the events were unfolding. Have you ever had so much to happen to you at one time that it left you wondering when and if the roller coaster would ever stop and give you time to catch your breath?

It is during these times that God is really trying to get our attention. He sends these inconvenient interruptions so that our steps can be ordered. The process can seem chaotic to us because we don’t realize that our life as God has planned is out of order. But God knows how to order chaos!

August is the eighth month and the number eight signifies new beginnings. Your year might have had much chaos and many curve balls, but the disappointing season you have experienced does not establish the rest of your life. God has been preparing you for this season. Paraphrasing it like one of my mentors divinely declared it, “we confuse what we are going through with the devil’s attacks and do not realize it is heaven’s labor pains preparing us for delivery” (Cindy Trimm).

Are you ready to move past your failed plans? You will remain stuck and stagnate as long as you allow your mind to dwell on the disappointments and continuously inhale the inconvenience the unplanned events have caused you. You must decide to change your mindset, your way of thinking about your situation. A step to accomplishing this is to surrender everything to God. All your cares and all your concerns.


Yield to the New Beginning that God has already planned for you!

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