How to Get Released Out of Your Situation

The thing about holidays or celebrations is that they do come to an end. And regardless of how we had to pretend or struggle to get through them, the aftermath places us back into our realities.

The reality is that if you were feeling some type of way before this past weekend, the reason did not disappear today.

The reality is that if you were in a critical situation before this past weekend, more than likely, your circumstances have not changed.

If you chose to temporarily escape from your crisis by dressing it up, pretending it didn’t exist or traveling to a place where no one knows who you are does not change the reality that you have to face today.

And what exactly is your reality?

You have found yourself in a place where you seem stuck, trapped and in a pit.

It is a type of situation where you have reached out and it seems like no one can help you. You have tried everything and nothing seems to be working. Yet, some how you have to muscle up enough energy to get this day started and get through it.

You are running out of options.  There seems to be nothing else left to try. You are barely hanging on by a thread and it is the beginning of the week.

What do you do?


Surrender by accepting that there are somethings that you can not avoid or keep from happening. Embrace the fact that somethings are beyond your control.

But even so, there is still a reason for your current circumstances.

You see, it is so easy to search for external outlets to solve our problems because we have been utilizing them for so long.  People and resources are great support tools to use. But we were not created or designed to use them as our primary source for strength or help.

Your release is in your relationship with God, your Creator. Only He can fill the void that you have. Only God can use His Holy Spirit to guide you to the resources you need right now.

You do not have to keep trying to keep the lid on all the pressure you are consumed with. Release it through prayer and praise!

When the prophet Jonah was in a very similar or more intense situation, he prayed to God while physically trapped inside of a whale (Jonah 2). God released Jonah from his situation after he prayed to God while trapped inside of a large fish.

It might seem as though something as simple as prayer will not help you right now. But you have to trust that the God who created you knows exactly what you need right now and He can release you the same way He released Jonah.

Perhaps it has been awhile since you prayed and you don’t know where to start. God in His complexity is able to receive in simple forms. Just tell Him exactly how you feel right now. Trust me, He knows and understands. The confession is good for your soul.

If you need help, I will gladly pray for you. Feel free to post your requests or to contact me. You do not have to stay trapped. Your release is just a prayer away!



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