Will You Start the Conversation?

Have you ever walked into a room that was new territory for you and felt like a large elephant? This is not an unusual feeling.

But have you ever felt like an outcast among people you socialize with everyday or at least on a weekly basis?

Some sensitive topics have become easier to discuss around complete strangers than those we know very well.

Why do you think this is the case?

One reason could be that we feel like we would be judged or criticized less by people who do not know anything about us.

Mental illness is one of these sensitive topics that people feel more comfortable to discuss with complete strangers. This includes professionals or random people.

Today, is Green Ribbon Day and the purpose is to “change minds about mental health, one conversation at a time”.

In order to break mental health barriers, the silence has to be broken. It cannot remain an elephant in the room. We cannot observe those we see or communicate with on a regular basis to continue hurting from mental disorders.

Help is available.

We cannot help if we are afraid to talk about it.

I charge you today to start a conversation about mental health with someone you know. It only takes one person to start a conversation and another one to keep it going. Will you be the transmitter?

Click here for more information on Green Ribbon Day.

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