What Are You Craving?

Anyone who knows me know that I have a unique craving for cotton candy. Yes, cotton candy!

I don’t know exactly why, but I do know that fasting or trying to go cold turkey hasn’t worked.

But hey, everything should be done in moderation, right?

We know how our bodies more so our minds crave certain foods.  But what about our emotional cravings?

Have you ever paid attention to your emotional cravings?

Do you recall the last time you felt feelings of emptiness, loneliness, or sadness?

Life events can cause us to have these emotions.  When children leave the nest, feelings of emptiness surface.  When relationships end, feelings of loneliness can manifest. When we lose a loved one, feelings of sadness can occur.

These emotions are signals that we are missing something and we have cravings to fulfill them. Often we try to substitute them with the wrong things.  We do this because we are unsatisfied in certain areas and seek to satisfy our cravings.

Beth Moore describes it this way in the anthology, A Woman and Her God:

“If we don’t find satisfaction with God, we will look for it somewhere else. When we do, we default to one of two things: subsistence living or substitute living” (2003, p.9).

Have you ever tried quenching your thirst with something other than water or liquids? Even if we try to hydrate our bodies with a drink other than water, it will not produce the same results.

This same concept can be applied when we try to quench our emotional needs with those who cannot fulfill them.

We were created and designed to be in relationship with God. He provides a nourishment that no one else can. He satisfies our souls. When we try to get others to substitute for what was intended for God to do it will leave us frustrated, unsatisfied and always craving for something more.

When was the last time you allowed God to satisfy your craving?

He can satisfy us when we spend time with Him in prayer, worship and reading the Word. But we have to do it consistently and not when we are in a season of drought.

Do not continue to allow other things to be substituted for the real deal.

Guess what? Instead of that tempting bag of cotton candy that I normally crave, I am enjoying a nice protein smoothie that will provide me with what I need.

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