My Memoirs About Chronic Depression

Happy Saturday!

I declare this will be a great day for you. Now it is up to you to receive it and walk in it!

Today, my book of memoirs about my battle with depression is available for free through Amazon Kindle. I encourage you to take the time to download it.


  1. Encouragement.  You might be thinking what is so encouraging about reading a book on depression?  Well, I share insightful details that anyone who has ever experienced depression can relate to. Sometimes when we are going through, we just need a little push. This push can be through someone who can relate to our emotions. Then we are encouraged to receive help.
  2. Support. You may not be experiencing a dark place right now, but there is       someone  in your network who is. I talk about how it felt to be judged and ostracized when I was in need of help. You want to be supportive to those you know experiencing depression. This is really needed within our churches.
  3. Advocacy.  The more we advocate for those dealing with a mood disorder will help eradicate the stigma. This will set an atmosphere for others to receive the help they desperately need.

Now, I hope you will help me meet my highest download challenge for Mental Health Awareness month.  CLICK HERE to receive your complimentary copy of Keeping My Faith While Saving My Mind!

Be an advocate and share this post on your social sites. Thank you!

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