Don’t Judge Me for Confessing Our Truth

It’s Friday…

So I’m going to endeavor to restrain from making this a deep or long post.

BUT, something is on my mind.

As a faith-based mental health advocate, I daily encourage everyone, especially the church to join me in my movement of breaking mental health barriers.

Now, I have been very transparent about being a Christian, minister of the Gospel and having to battle chronic depression. And in my latest book of memoirs, I describe my moments of suicidal ideation.

I do not mind talking, speaking or writing about my real emotions because I know that I’m not the only Christian who has experienced it. I do realize that I am apart of the rare group who openly discusses it.

Do you want to know something that pushes my button?

Hypocritical church folks!

Those who say they are advocating for those dealing with depression or any mood disorder while trying to throw rocks in the process. This is not advocating and it sure isn’t helping anyone who is battling thoughts of suicide.

As I state in my book, “when you are in the fight for saving your mind due to different life traumas or tragedies, you need people on your team who care if you win.”

If you have never experienced such a low state, then praise God for that. But do not try to condemn those who are trying to hang on to the little hope they have left.

Stop suicide by stopping the stigma.

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