If Only Someone Notices

Last week, one of my students’ right arm was temporarily disabled due to an injury. This caused his dominant hand to be inoperative.

I noticed how his peers were eager to assist him with note taking, toting any bags or books and making sure his basic accommodations were met.

Because of someone acknowledging that the student needed help and willing to assist him, this effected his mindset, his will and determination to get through his temporary inconvenience.

But you imagine what his day would have been like had no one noticed he needed help and offered to help him?

You can probably relate to a physical injury that has caused you to be a little down in your spirit, altering your mood. But when you received that help from a neighbor, friend, family or church member, it lifted your spirit. You were empowered and motivated to get through your momentary setback.

So now, how are you feeling right now?

How is your current mood?  Are you ready to nail that presentation at school? Are you confident that you are going to meet that deadline at work?

If so, wonderful!

But if you happen to be feeling a little off balance today or not in control, are you having to internalize it? Has anyone noticed that you are not quite yourself today?

When things are temporarily off balance inside our minds, it isn’t as noticeable as an arm injury. No one is as quick to ask us if we are okay or need help.

Advocate Stephen Propst stated it this way, “In a contest between head and hand, there’s a notable disparity in the level of awareness people have and the amount of assistance they offer” (BP Magazine, S2017, p 15).

This is when a good support system is vitally important. People who you trust and whose antennas are alerted when you don’t quite seem yourself. Because it can make a major difference in your day if only someone notices that you need a little push.

Do you have people in your life right now that serve this purpose?  How have they made a difference?







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