God’s Reconciling Love

April 23, 2017 Sunday School Commentary

Lesson Guide, Direction

God’s Reconciling Love

Devotional Reading: Romans 1:1-15   Highlighted Text –  Romans 5:6-11, 8:31-39

Key Verse –  “Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creation, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:39).

During a game such as basketball or football, fans from both teams arrive at their destinations all riled up and excitedly anticipating a win for their team. Throughout the quarters the players experience difficulties; turnovers, interceptions, missed goals, and even injuries. Some intense moments appear that the favorable team might surprisingly lose the game. The situation becomes critical. So, disappointing that some fans start to leave or turn their channels before the game is over. But then what looked like defeat turns to victory! Everyone, apart from the losers, start celebrating and rejoicing. Even some of the opponents celebrate because they are in shock and impressed. The excitement soon simmers until the next game.

Now that the biggest game and victory has occurred for Christians, has your excitement died down? Are you waiting for another victory, church experience or Easter in order to get excited about the Cross again? Do not allow your joy and celebration about the resurrection of Jesus Christ simmer. His act of love is still as relevant and present as it was last week!

Nothing Greater (Romans 5:6-11)

In this epistle, Paul is talking to both Jews and Gentiles. Within the first chapters Paul focuses on the ungodly and sinfulness of all people. In this particular passage, Paul describes God’s amazing love for those who initially rejected His Son and despised His Son. Sinners are at enmity with God. But the moment that a sinner accepts the work of Jesus, the Cross and the Resurrection, he or she becomes reconciled through love. There is nothing greater than the sacrifice God made for us. And He did it knowing everything about us. We have now received atonement. And this is still worth celebrating!

 Nothing Separating (Romans 8:31-39)

Whatever might have occurred in your life since you first accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior, it can not separate you from God’s love. You might have sinned since last Sunday, but God’s love has covered it. Paul reminds us in this famous passage that there is nothing that can separate us from God’s love. God’s omniscient character already planned for the day-to-day struggles of life we have. It is satan and his demons that constantly try to grieve us with guilt and keep us bound by our past sins. But God does not watch over us to remind us about how unworthy we are to be in a relationship with Him. He wants us to never forget how much He loves us and how we can conqueror anything with Him on our side. If we have genuinely accepted Jesus Christ, God is definitely on our side. Receive the reconciliation. Receive God’s love. Celebrate your victory!


Father God, Lord I thank you for the Cross. I thank you for the victory that you gave me over sin. Let the person reading this be reminded about the sacrifice and power of your love. Oh God, let them be able to let go of the burdens that they are trying to carry on their own. Lord allow them to forgive themselves because you have already forgiven them. Jesus, I decree that they will grasp and retain the mindset of a more than conqueror attitude. Whatever has them feeling like they are losing right now, God remind them that nothing can separate them from your love. And that this too shall pass! In JESUS holy name, Amen.

Commentary by, Minister Shulanda Hastings

    Senior Ministry Leader

Spirit Realm Divine Manifestation Ministries

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